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Golden Nylon ROUND (Nickel-brass/Short handle)

Golden Nylon ROUND (Nickel-brass/Short handle)

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High paint-carrying capacity so it can paint more strokes in ‘one brush fill' with easy manoeuvrability and good flow control. Hard-wearing with plenty of spring. Round brushes are most versatile for smaller details and more delicate lines. Medium and large sizes for bolder strokes and washes. Harder ferrule material as used in professional artist brushes.

Size 0. Dia 2mm x Length 7mm GNR1#0 8887600731037
Size 2. Dia 3mm x Length 10mm GNR1#2 8887600731051
Size 4. Dia 4mm x Length 15mm GNR1#4 8887600731075
Size 6. Dia 5mm x Length 18mm GNR1#6 8887600731099
Size 8. Dia 6mm x Length 20mm GNR1#8 8887600731112
Size 10. Dia 7mm x Length 24mm GNR1#10 8887600731136
Size 12. Dia 8mm x Length 30mm GNR1#12 8887600731143
Packing: 12pcs/box

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