About Us

OMNI, the brand that cares.

Having been around for 20 years, we have watched our users grow up, watched how trends and preferences have changed. Hence, we are constantly working on reinventing and improving our products for it to remain fun and applicable.

OMNI offers an extensive range of good quality coloured products, writing instruments and art accessories for every need and for all ages. It’s not just a simple crayon or a paintbrush; it empowers users to go beyond their imagination and create endless crafting possibilities, providing a ton of fun and therapeutic experiences.

As a responsible, caring and down to earth brand, a lot of effort and thought process has gone into deciding the exact shades of colour for our coloured products, how the ergonomic grip of our Trigo pencils is specially designed for little hands, and making sure that all of our products are non-toxic and kids safe!

For a chance to be featured on our website or social media, tag us @omniworldsg or #omniworldsg when you upload your artwork. We’d also love to hear much you love our products, how they can be improved, or what other new products you’d like us to have! Or if you'd like to collaborate, drop us an email today!